The east window


Reverend Tony Swann, who was our House for Duty Priest at the time, formed a sub-committee of the PCC which he chaired to work up a project for the Millennium for the East window based on the River Thames as Kemble and Ewen are the first communities on the river.

Members of the sub-committee were Binnie Rank, Tony Ferris and Cecil Cleverly. We sought cost estimates for the work including design, manufacture and installation from several makers of stained glass. We chose a specialist based in Bath named Mark Angus whose work was highly recommended as well as being significantly cheaper than all the others.

We specified that we wanted a cross in the middle pane and a design to reflect the river in the panels either side. We also wanted the statement made by Jesus that “Whosoever believes in me shall never thirst” etched in the glass in the right side panel along with its bible reference John 6 verse 35.

It took three versions before we and the Diocese accepted the design of the cross. (It was too formal at first and then too wavy) which had to be fitted into the narrow central pane by which time the designer had moved to Germany! Having received our approved for his final design he brought the new window panes over to Kemble in his old van and did the installation over two days, the 1st and 2nd of October 2001.



A special service was held on 7th October 2001 to dedicate the new window. Bishop John Went had been invited to this service for the dedication but unfortunately was not well and arranged for the Archdeacon of Gloucester, Geoffrey Sidaway to come instead.

The great majority of the congregation were delighted with our new window despite it not being finished on time because of the delays! Visitors to the Church also comment favourably on the window both verbally and in the visitors’ book.

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