The Millennium Kneelers

Church kneelers



"Come, let us bow down in worship,
let us kneel before the Lord our Maker;
for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture,
the flock under his care."
Psalm 95:6-7




The Millennium Kneeler project began in 1998. Sponsorship was needed for the cost of materials. Church members and friends responded and from their ideas came the designs, which were usually reminders of those to whom the kneeler was dedicated. Except for kneelers 8, 11 and 19 every design is original. A chance remark resulted in Marion Gilliland's original 'Millennium' design being requested by more than 390 churches throughout the United Kingdom


Kneeler 1 Millenium Original













1.  Stitched by Marion Gilliland

Kneeler 2 Aconites













2.  Stitched by Marion Gilliland. Dedicated to Paddy Stevens

Kneeler 3 Bluebells













3.  Stitched by Jo Shaw. Dedicated to Edna and Frederick Wardle

Kneeler 4 Cowslips













4.  Stitched by Marion Gilliland. Dedicated to Joyce and Geoff Napper

Kneeler 5 Daffodils













5.  Stitched by Kamma Wilkinson

Kneeler 6 Lilies













6.  Stitched by Lavinia Rank. Dedicated to Margaret Peachey

Kneeler 7 Grapes and Vine













7.  Stitched by Gillian Roberts. Dedicated to Len and Olive Adams

Kneeler 8 Pink Rose













8.  Stitched by Margaret Edney

Kneeler 9 Primroses













9.  Stitched by Sheina Demain. Dedicated to John and Fanny Leach

Kneeler 10 Snowdrops













10. Stitched by Mary Johnston. Dedicated to Percy Gale

Kneeler 11 White Rose













11. Stitched by Kamma Wilkinson. Dedicated to Keith Pearson

Kneeler 12 War Memorial













12. Stitched by Marion Gilliland. Dedicated to Those who died in both World Wars

Kneeler 13 Amazing Grace













13. Stitched by Marion Gilliland. Dedicated to Agnes Benfield

Kneeler 14 All Things Bright and Beautiful













14. Stitched by Katherine Demain

Kneeler 15 Chorister













15. Stitched by Liz Aardal. Dedicated to Marjorie Summers

Kneeler 16 Angel













16. Stitched by Pauline Ayres. Dedicated to Christopher D. Smith

Kneeler 17 St. Andrew's Cross (a)













17. Stitched by Sheina Demain. Dedicated to Annie and Dick Gilliland

Kneeler 18 St. Andrew's Cross (b)













18. Stitched by Nora Kerswill.

Kneeler 19 Eastern Tile













19. Stitched by Jane Swann. Dedicated to Michael Lock

Kneeler 20 Gurka Rifles













20. Stitched by Marion Gilliland. Dedicated to Jeremy Clarke and family.

Kneeler 21 Australian Air Force













21. Stitched by Pamela Franklin. Dedicated to Jack Halstead

Kneeler 22 Kemble School Badge













22. Stitched by Sue Dennis. Dedicated to Kemble Primary School

Kneeler 23 W I Logo













23. Stitched by Kelsie Hall. Dedicated to The Women's Institute

Kneeler 24 Kemble Church (a)













24. Stitched by Patricia Mott

Kneeler 25 Kemble Church (b)













25.  Stitched by Kamma Wilkinson. Dedicated to John Summers

Kneeler 26 Ewen Manor













26. Stitched by Marion Gilliland. Dedicated to M. ST J V Gibbs

Kneeler 27 High Wycombe Church













27. Stitched by Marion Gilliland. Dedicated to Minnie and Joe White

Kneeler 28 Jonah and the Whale













28. Stitched by Sarah Postlethwaite. Dedicated to Loft Sunday School

Kneeler 29 ship of Faith













29. Stitched by Penny Wheeler. Dedicated to The Bible Study Group

Kneeler 30 Fish Symbol













30. Stitched by Jean Milbank. Dedicated to Jean Maclagan

Kneeler 31 Tree of Life













31. Stitched by Yvonne Binks. Dedicated to Sarah and Reginald Fowler

Kneeler 32 Bible













32. Stitched by Pat Ferris

Kneeler 33 Chalice













33. Stitched by Jo Shaw

Kneeler 34 Robin in Wreath













34. Stitched by Marie Therese Waglan. Dedicated to Roland Waglan

Kneeler 35 He is Risen













35. Stitched by Nora Kerswill. Dedicated to Myra and Cyril Austin

Kneeler 36 Cross













36. Stitched by Nora Kerswill

Kneeler 37 Stained Glass













37. Stitched by Susan Stothard. Dedicated to John Pitman

Kneeler 38 Bell Tower













38. Stitched by Marion Gilliland. Dedicated to Kemble Bell Ringers

Kneeler 39 Millenium ~Australia













39. Stitched by Pamela Franklin

Kneeler 40 Millenium Africa













40. Stitched by Nora Kerswill. Dedicated to George Stevens

Kneeler 41 Millenium North America













41. Stitched by Marion Gilliland. Dedicated to Babies and Children

Kneeler 42 Millenium South America













42. Stitched by Jane Hall. Dedicated to Susan Harrison.

Kneeler 43 Millenium India













43. Stitched by Andrea Adams. dedicated to Mildred and Charles Kenealy


The Wedding Kneelers

Stitched by Marion Gilliland

Wedding Kneelers

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