Benefice Service (please expand by clicking on for details)
24th February 2019
10:00- 11:00
All the Thameshead Benefice Churches gather together on the fourth Sunday of each month at 10:00am (there may be exceptions if it is also a major festival so please check). We move around the benefice in alphabetical order.

The Following is the rota for 2019 (please scroll down):

Jan - Kemble
Feb - Poole Keynes
Mar - Rodmarton
Apr - Somerford Keynes
May - Coates
Jun - Frampton Mansell
Jul - Kemble
Aug - Poole Keynes
Sep - Rodmarton
Oct - Somerford Keynes
Nov - Coates
Dec - Frampton Mansell (unless moved for Christmas)
Sunday Services


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