Growing Together Easter Morning Prayer


Bee on waxGrowing Together Inspired by the Christian Faith


Easter morning is such a special and beautiful day for Christians. Through God’s amazing
creative energy, Jesus rises to new life. This is how we know that God’s love is stronger
than death, more powerful than hatred. It is a day filled with joy, possibility and hope.
For centuries, Christians have sung out their Easter joy using beautiful poems.
They have lit a special fire outside and carried candles into a dark church to show
how Easter moves us from dark difficult places into the light and peace of Jesus.
This ancient poem called, ‘The Exsultet’ celebrates Jesus rising from the dead. It
celebrates something else too – the work of bees who make the wax for the Easter
candles. The community work of bees reminds us that we all need to work together,
with respect for each other and nature, to make the life and hope of Easter real for everyone and everything

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