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Syria & Iraq Winter Clothing Appeal 2017


Children wrapped in blankets


“Anyone who has two shirts
should share with the one who has none,
and anyone who has food should do the same.”

Luke 3:11


Thank you all for your help with this year's Winter Clothing Appeal.

We finally sent out a total of 206 boxes but were left with a bunch of keys in a coat pocket for a Jaguar and someone's house! If you have any idea who these might belong to please let us know.




Click on the image to go to the Samara's Aid website


Dear friends

This week more than 150 of you have delivered thousands of boxes of essential aid for Syria and Iraq that you have lovingly collected in your churches, schools, workplaces and communities. You have spent time and care sorting and packing the best items in boxes and bags to deliver to us. Some of you have collected a handful of boxes, and one church collected so many that we had to send the container to them!

We are so thrilled with your contributions whether you collect one box or one thousand. Every garment makes a difference. Every box of nappies, every pair of shoes, every bar of soap or care pack for a woman who has just given birth....every item sends a very special message to the receiver which shows them that we have remembered them. They have not been forgotten, and we care. This is one of the many reasons we only send the best items to our brothers and sisters in need.

We loaded one container on Friday, and anticipate that we will load a further two 40' containers for Syria and two artic lorries for Iraq. We also anticipate sending a further three containers to Syria in the next few weeks carrying a lot of medical equipment for our hospitals providing life-saving medical care.

The pictures below show a very brief snapshot of what has been happening through Samara's Aid Appeal this week. You collecting aid for us in your communities, displaced people in Syria and Iraq receiving the aid you have helped us send, items you have lovingly made and delivered to us, and our new and exciting Meditainer project beginning.

I can't wait to share a little more about our Meditainer project, converting the shipping containers we send our aid in, into modular hospital units for our medical teams to work from. The picture below shows the work that our team on the ground in Syria have started this week converting the first three.  I will share more in due course.

I want to say an enormous thank you to all of you for the energy and commitment you have all put in to make this essential work happen. It only happens because people like you make it happen so I would like to say a truly heartfelt thank you.

We are just revising our information pack, and will hopefully be able to send this out shortly. We will be working with the same list of items, collecting all seasons clothing and separating them into Summer and Winter, and they will be stored in our warehouses in the Middle East for the right season.  We are aiming for a delivery date of Friday 10th March, and I just need a little longer to confirm which of the storage hubs are participating before I send out the new information pack.

We desperately want new collectors across the UK. If you could organise a collection in your community or church, however big or small, or would like to find out how you can support our work in other ways, please look out for our information pack which will be with you very soon.

Thank you so much for your energy, commitment and most of all, your beautiful hearts.





Our collection for Winter Clothing to the people of Syria and Iraq has now closed. Thank you for your generous donations which are now on their way to those in need.




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